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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Palm Tree Sunglasses Hat Review

Hello all! Welcome to my review!

Mesh: The mesh is sunglasses with a palm tree attached to it (stating the obvious, lol). It's nice, good for summer, and also appropriate for summer. TL;DR VERSION: Seems legit for summer. 10/10.

Texture: Nice summer colours, they're nice and bright. The palm tree is an appropriate green, as palm trees are green... So... And the sunglasses are a kind of sandy colour - which makes sense. But it should be a lighter sand colour. 9/10.

Value for Money: At 250 ROBUX, I believe this hat was a bit of a rip off... But if you did buy it, it is selling for 500 ROBUX, so there was a decent amount of profit made hopefully. (1 being bad value for money, 10 being very good) 1/10.

Overall: Decent mesh, nice texture, but horrible value for money. I give it 8/10, it seems okay. You probably won't see me buying a copy though.

-BillCheesey5 FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER, I'M @BillCheesey5

1 comment:

  1. I really like these, so I think the price was a good deal ^^



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