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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Interview with IBLackoutzz!

Today I caught up with a well known forumer from Roblox Talk: IBLackoutzz!


1) When did you join ROBLOX? What was your first memory?

I joined in Summer 2010, I remember badly trying to get the fire fighter helmet.

2) Where did you get the inspiration for your username from?

It is a guy that is really good at COD on Xbox,My brother chose it.

3) When you joined, what was your favourite aspect of the game?

I liked how all the games were free to play.

4) What was the first game you played? Was it memorable? Why?

My first game was 'Fear underwater base' I remember seeing a huge yellow squid, it creeped me out at the time.

5) When did you start foruming? What was the first thread you posted?

I started foruming in late 2010. My first forum post was me telling everyone 'I'm new'

6) What forum do you usually post to?

Roblox Talk

7) Do you have any ROBLOX goals you would like to achieve?

I would like to get Clockwork Headphones

8) If you were a ROBLOX catalog artist of for the day, what items would you create?

I'd create some shades and a sign with RT,LMad, e.t.c that goes on your head.

9) What is your favourite hat? Why?

Clockwork headphones, They go on your head very well,they are stylish

10) And finally, which gear is more delicous: mindgrapes or watermelon?

I like water melon because when you're done,you can wear it on your head.