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Friday, May 11, 2012

Dude Ranch Cowboy Hat Review

Hio! BillCheesey5 again with a review of the Dude Ranch Cowboy Hat. 

Mesh: The mesh of this hat is in the shape of a Cowboy hat; which I suppose is good, since it it is a cowboy hat. Anyways, it's nicely shaped and sized, it looks like Indiana Jones' hat (possible retexture idea!). I can't think of any possible improvements. 10/10.

Texture: The texture, however, does not look like Indiana Jones' hat, because half of it is white, instead of all brown. The brim of this hat (up close) looks fuzzy, and has low detail. That's something that just irritates me. 7/10.

Value For Money: At 125 ROBUX, this is an okay deal. It's not limited either, so it might be around for a while. Maybe 100 ROBUX would've been better, but 25 isn't that much of a difference. 9/10.

How Good it Fits on Your Character: It fits just right! Perfect! It sits where a real cowboy hat would sit on your head. Perfect. 10/10.

Overall: Overall, this hat has earned a 8/10. I suggest buying it, just to add to your collection.