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Monday, April 30, 2012

Sci-Fi MedVac 4300 Gear Review

Hi there! It's BillCheesey5 here again, and I've written a review of the Sci-Fi MedVac 4300. Enjoy!

Note about this gear: The description is "Heal yourself and your teammates with this Sci Fi MedVac", meaning it heals not just you, but your teammates too!

Sci-Fi MedVac 4300

Mesh: From this view, it kinda looks like a book. Disagree if you must, but that's what it looks like to me. Anyways, it kinda also looks like a Med-Pack, based on what I've seen of Med-Packs. There's even screws on it! Realistic! 8/10.

Texture: The texture, like the mesh is realistic, with a Nice "+" on it. It has slight shading and nice colours. The use of colours and their combination is effective. AGAIN, realistic. 10/10.

Value For Money: According to a resource, this is an "Overpriced Medpack". I would have to disagree, 300 seems too fair for a cool looking Medpack. Maybe it could have been 200 however. Good. 8/10.

Overall: This gear; overall; receives a 8/10, with a realistic mesh, great texture and good value for money.

-BillCheesey5 (FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: @BillCheesey5)