Monday, April 30, 2012

Sci-Fi MedVac 4300 Gear Review

Hi there! It's BillCheesey5 here again, and I've written a review of the Sci-Fi MedVac 4300. Enjoy!

Note about this gear: The description is "Heal yourself and your teammates with this Sci Fi MedVac", meaning it heals not just you, but your teammates too!

Sci-Fi MedVac 4300

Mesh: From this view, it kinda looks like a book. Disagree if you must, but that's what it looks like to me. Anyways, it kinda also looks like a Med-Pack, based on what I've seen of Med-Packs. There's even screws on it! Realistic! 8/10.

Texture: The texture, like the mesh is realistic, with a Nice "+" on it. It has slight shading and nice colours. The use of colours and their combination is effective. AGAIN, realistic. 10/10.

Value For Money: According to a resource, this is an "Overpriced Medpack". I would have to disagree, 300 seems too fair for a cool looking Medpack. Maybe it could have been 200 however. Good. 8/10.

Overall: This gear; overall; receives a 8/10, with a realistic mesh, great texture and good value for money.

-BillCheesey5 (FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: @BillCheesey5)


  1. Maybe try the gear before you publish the review? There is nothing here about cooldown time, range or how much it heals.

  2. He told me he couldn't at the time, but thanks for feedback.

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