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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

ROBLOX Egg Hunt 2012

Greetings eager egg hunters! Today I bring joyous news to you!

But first, a little background:

A ROBLOX egg hunt is where at Easter time; eggs fall from the sky at every place at scheduled times and users can collect them and wear them as hats - trophies if you will.

Egg Hunt 2008

Image taken from Eggstravaganza post on

 The first ROBLOX egg hunt occurred 4 years ago - at Easter 2008. It was the first of its kind and users were extremely excited to win some eggs! This hunt worked fairly well, although there were some issues with the scheduled drops not happening at the set times.

Image taken from Eggstravaganza post on

Each egg had its own behaviour or condition in order to collect it. Some eggs were easy to obtain thus making them common, whereas others were a lot harder thus making them rare. One of the rarest from this hunt was the Legendary Egg of Gygax.
Legendary Egg of Gygax

Egg Hunt 2010

Image taken from Eggstravaganza 2010 post on

The second ROBLOX egg hunt occurred 2 years ago - at Easter AND also summer 2010. This one was even bigger than the first, with a huge increase in players and also in games that the eggs would drop at; as a result it was more demanding on the ROBLOX servers. The eggs in this particular year spawned Easter Zombies, flying missiles and lots of explosion. Users were excited as they could relive the 2008 classic. However, all did not go according to plan and the servers crashed causing games to lag and even not work at all. The egg hunt had to be ended early, and so the admins began work on improving their servers to host a bonus hunt in the summer. The summer hunt ran reasonably well, although there a few hiccups again in the egg timing.

Egg Hunt 2012

A third egg hunt will occur this year, most likely beginning this Saturday or Sunday as it is Easter weekend in routine with the 2 previous egg hunts. This year, due to 2010's server crash, the egg hunt will most likely be hosted in only 1 map.

The map can be found here, being updated less than a day ago:

Have you got any other evidence for the egg hunt?

Yes, check out these tweets from admins, Brighteyes and Shedletsky:

Indicating he was working on the egg drop script

Indicating the content team were producing textures for the eggs

And if that's not enough for you, two eggs from 2010 have been made limited and are on the featured page of the catalog. Their names leave clues to the 2012 egg hunt: currenly TESTING and we should be in ANTICIPATION for an egg hunt (credit to TheEasterZombie for spotting this)

-Editor of Roblox News