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Monday, April 2, 2012

A Prank Too Far?: ROBLOX's Recovery

4/1/2012 Today was the day the ROBLOX website came under attack.
The story of what happened was quite a confusing one. So, here goes.

From what I heard. There were 4 players involved. Merely, Minish, Pheedy and are17

Firstly, Minish threatened to purchase Merely's prized possession; The Domino Crown. This of which you may know was at an extortionate price. Merely thought it was all a joke, and then Minish, somehow manged to purchase it (How he did it is a complete mystery to me), And then everything started getting worse and worse.

The next thing that happened was that all admin/moderators accounts lost their adminship, and then the only 2 moderators were Pheedy, and oddly enough are17, both of which haven't been seen for ages.

Then everything started getting wierd, starting with a new face.
Credit to What's Hot In LMaD for the screenshot

This of which is one of the most creepiest faces known ever. though, you cannot purchase it, and on a character it looks incredibly creepy. as seen below.

Then soon after that, lots of limited items were being sold, such as the Dominus Infernus, the Wanwood Crown, and many more. Then before you knew it, there was a sudden flood of items, many of which were sold for 1 R$, and limiteds were sold with less than 100 in stock. 

You would think that is all?

Nope. There was more.
They started posting as the admins.

The events of last night shocked the whole of roblox, and there has been rumors of a "Rollback": Where the website is reverted back to a previous date where there is nothing wrong with the website.

Where are Pheedy, Merely and Minish now?
Well, Merely Currently remains unbanned.
Pheedy and Minish are now Banned/Deleted
And are17 is also Banned/Deleted, though he's saying he has had nothing to do with any of this.

So, what do you make of all of this? Post your reactions in the Comments and discuss them with other players...

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