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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jared Valdez and Roblox News!

Yes, the rumours are completely true; on the 7th of April Roblox News will be completely taken over by Jared Valdez of ROBLOX fame.

Jared purchased the website for 100,000R$-- which was, according to him, "A small investment". Over the course of the next week Jared will be setting up Roblox News with new banners, staff members and an altogether new approach on news.

Arbirator, the previous Roblox News owner, has been speaking publicly about the takeover;

"Roblox News has been so successful in the past few years, that I've had hundreds of buyout offers. The second best offer was from a German user who wanted to buy the website and turn it into a German-based Bloxxenformer.

We wish Jared well in his endeavours-- And I'm going to buy a Sparkle Time Fedora."

Jared Valdez was unable to comment on the takeover bid as his account has been mercilessly deleted for the 4th time for obtaining games completely legitimately. Nevertheless we are sure that he is completely ecstatic with the takeover.

What are your thoughts about this new takeover?


  1. Obvious April Fools joke is obvious

  2. Lol, I already know it's an April Fool's joke. If the site WAS taken over by Jared, I would TOTALLY quit.

  3. Roblox's hack was much better.

  4. You can'y buy STF with 100k. Look at the prices.

  5. Everyone is so stupid. How is this that even a hack? The admins are known for trolling and swearing because look, Telamon is way other than all of us but he was born when games came out. So obviously he gets to have his fun too right? The site was not hacked, it was just Telamon and his partners trying to have fun and call it an april fools joke.

    Just watch, tomorrow they'll say it was all a joke.

  6. There will only be one less fansite now...

  7. can this NOT be an aprilfools prank? Administrators of roblox wouldn't ever sell it, especially to only need to think to realise that.

  8. I have a web site just like this :)
    Too bad this site is going.
    NOTE: Jaredvales'4 is a complete idiot who steals roblox games.

  9. If this was true I would never look at the news again.

  10. Alright, gentlemen, we've had our fun; Hopefully you all noticed the "April Fool's" tag added early this morning. :)

  11. Ha ha told all you seious junkies :)

  12. I like how it was sarcastic and said that he completely legitimately meaning the opposite xD


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