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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

IBarrageI's Comment Question Retexture Tutorials!!!

Hello readers.

As you may know, I give photoshop tutorials from time to time, and also certain retexture tutorials for all of you to read.

But, I have noticed that some of these haven't proved popular. The reason I believe for this happening, is that they haven't been specialised around the readers. So, this is the idea I am proposing; A Retexture Q&A / Tutorial based on the questions that are posted in the comments section each week. I will be taking questions each week and compiling and answering questions in my post.

Types of questions I am looking for:
Questions that might be commonly asked. Or maybe an outlandish question I can try and find out the answer to.

Questions I will not be looking for (Examples):
What is a retexture? (Reason: You can easily find out the answer to that)
What is the texture for X? (X being the questioned hat)(Reason: I
won't be finding the specific textures for you.)
And any other question around that sort of lines

So, what are you waiting for? Get asking your retexture questions...

(Note: Not all questions may be answered, and if yours isn't, I might be saving it for another time. (so don't be posting it again :D ))

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  1. Comments? None to be found. Why? I scared them off.


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