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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Earth Day Hats 2012!

April 22nd, 2012, was Earth Day. A couple cool Earth Day retextures were released, by some talented ROBLOX players! Here's a summary of all the Earth Day 2012 hats.

Green Warrior

The Green Warrior is an excellent retexture by Errorless, a renowned helm retexturer. It was released a little bit before Earth Day and is R$500. The green details are very nice and blend right in. It is not off-sale unlike some other Earth Day 2012 hats and is a great hat for anyone who needs a cool helm!

Eco Bot

Eco Bot was the first hat released on Earth Day and is an excellent retexture of the classic Mr. Robot hat. This retexture was made by the amazing IBarrageI. The Eco Bot is very detailed as it as it has an original face, recycle symbols on the sides, a "clean-o-meter", a picture of a person recycling, recycling cardboard and recycling aluminum foil. It was originally at the cheap price of R$15 and was BC-only. This hat is now off-sale.

Earth Day 2012

This is a very well-made beanie by IceVoid. I like how it has nice shades of green and a detailed earth at the top. It was sold at a cheap price of 50 tix, and is now off-sale.

Earth Rocks Shades

These were some very nice looking shades created by sumox567. I especially like how the earth and space blend in with the rest of the shades. The Earth Rocks Shades were released as LimitedU. It originally sold for R$1200, and it was supposed to have 500 copies, but for some odd reason there are only 493 copies. Very weird. These shades at first sold little over R$1400, meaning a 200 robux profit. However, the value of these shades is now decreasing drastically. They are now selling around R$1300 and R$1400. My advice is to not get these shades for profit, because they will probably decrease in value over time.

Aluminum Recycled Bowler

This is the last Earth Day 2012 hat. It is a very fancy looking bowler retexture by zerois. I like how it's grey and I like the recycle symbols all around it. It was originally LimitedU with the cost of R$250 and 1000 in stock. It then sold around R$550 at the end of Earth Day. It's now selling around R$500, I'm predicted this bowler to drop a bit in price the next few days. You can't make profit off of this hat anymore but it is great if you like to collect bowlers.

The Earth Day hats this year were pretty incredible. They were all great retextures. Follow me on Twitter, I'm NonstopEpicRBLX. I'll tweet you about anything ROBLOX related and more.