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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Community Article: The Eggcellent Shades Hat Review

Hey everyone, Here is a hat review!
General Info: The Eggcellent Shades were a "Limited Unique" item, Meaning only a certain number are made, Once they have all been sold, The owners can sell them for a price of thier choice.
Eggcellent Shades

Favorited: 222 times 
Genre:All Genres
 Total Sold: 600 

Description:You're a bit eggcentric, but somebunny is going to think that's eggciting. Okay that was a bad yolk. Omelettin' it slide.

 [As Of April 11th 2012]

 Mesh: The mesh is good, The shades are the same shape as the "Midnight Shades". These shades have a yellow background and pictures of some of the eggs from the 2010 egg hunt. On a player, they look reasonably good. 8/10

Texture: The texture is good, The picture is clear and the eggs look good. If I were to make a suggestion, don't put the same eggs on both lenses, Add different ones. 8/10 

Value for Money: Maybe, At the moment the shades are selling lower than thier original price, I would of sold for 750R$. 8/10 

Overall:The hat is good, Nearly perfect i would say a well earned 8/10.

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Community Article by ToonTownBlox, thanks for the article!