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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Welcome TheEasterZombie to the Roblox News team!

TheEasterZombie is a popular retexture artist who is renowned for producing the Golden Fabergé Egg of Hivemind retexture for the ROBLOX Summer Egg Hunt 2010. He also likes to forum in Roblox Talk and engage with the community.

I believe TheEasterZombie will make an excellent addition to the Roblox News team as he is a very talented, creative individual who has great opinions on various subjects and areas around the ROBLOX site and within its community.

TheEasterZombie will be working as rant author; publishing humorous articles raving on about certain things we see everyday on our favourite sandbox game! He will be also working on a couple of Roblox News projects, so look out for that!

So, let's give him a warm welcome and I'm looking forward to reading his first post from his smoking keyboard!

Editor of Roblox News