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Thursday, March 22, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Hats and Gear 2012!

For St. Patrick's Day, ROBLOX released some cool gear items and a lot of retextures! Here's an overview of all of the St. Patrick's Day 2012 hats and gear.

Lucky Clover

To start off the St. Patrick's Day 2012 hats and gear, the first item released was the Lucky Clover. It was originally R$250 but is now offsale. This gear item creates a rainbow in-game. I think it's pretty neat, but it wasn't worth R$250.

Amazing Shrinking Elixir

The Amazing Shrinking Elixir makes you smaller with a burst of speed for a limited time. It's great for defense, and is on-sale for R$350.

The Luck 'O the Irish

The Luck 'O the Irish is a St. Patrick's Day themed sword. It was originally R$150 and there are 2000 copies. It is LimitedU and currently selling at R$900. It's a pretty good sword in battle.

Leprechaun Friend

The last of the St. Patrick's gear items was the Leprechaun Friend. It was originally R$200 and there are 1000 copies. It is LimitedU and is selling between R$350 and R$500. The Leprechaun Friend follows you in-game and from time to time drops treasure chests with cool gear items.

The Rose of Tralee

The Rose of Tralee is a nice retexture of the America's Sweetheart by helloppl1404. It's very nice and has the colors of the Irish flag. It's at the cheap price of R$50.

St. Patrick's Day 2012

This is a great retexture of the cap called Patches by arbirator! It is only 50 tix making this the cheapest hat of St. Patrick's Day 2012. It's a great deal and it's not an ordinary cap.

Shamrock Styles

This is a great cap retexture by IBarrageI. It is the second in the series of "Styles" caps. The first "Styles" cap was the Snowflake Styles in December 2011. It was R$15 and was BC-only. It's really nice and a great cap!

Emerald Crystal Circlet

This is a great retexture of the Magenta Crystal Circlet by david3435. It was LimitedU and originally sold for R$875. There are only 150 copies, making this hat rare. It sold out in only a few seconds after it was released and is currently selling around R$4500. If you didn't obtain this hat when it was R$875, you'll have to spend a lot of robux to get it.

Captain Greenshanks the Lucky

Here we have another amazing retexture by our very own arbirator. This hat was LimitedU and originally sold for 300 R$, and is now selling for around 500 R$. It's an awesome looking hat, and it can help anyone look more awesome.

Goldtargeting Oculus

This is a great retexture made by DominumHex, and one of the winners of Roblox New's Shamrockin' Retexture contest. It was a bit expensive at R$500, but it is worth it. It's a great hat and it's now off-sale.

Modern Molly Malone

Modern Molly Malone

Here we have yet another retexture made by IBarrageI. This hat was sold for R$100 and looks great. It's a girl's hair with glasses, making this hat a two-in-one combo.

Celtic Warrior

Celtic Warrior

This is a great retexture of the Fire Ruby Crest by the renowned retexture artist Errorless. It was at a cheap price of R$150 and it is a retexture of a really rare hat, making this hat quite a bargain.

Irish Gentleman

This was the other winner of Roblox New's Shamrockin' Retexture contest and was made by TheEasterZombie! It was originally R$500 and there are 1,000 copies. This hat is LimitedU and currently selling around R$500. You can't make profit off of this top hat but it goes great with any St. Patrick's day outfit.

Fancy Leprechaun

The last St. Patrick's day hat was the Fancy Leprechaun made by sonicfan0405. Like the Irish Gentleman, it is a St. Patrick's day top hat. It was originally R$350 but is now off-sale. It's a great top hat and looks good combined with some of the other St. Patrick's Day 2012 hats.

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