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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shamrockin' Retextures: Featured Entries!

As the contest is drawing to a close and I've already seen several brilliant entries, I thought I'd feature the best of the best!

Mystic Leprechaun
Mystic Leprechaun - by idontkno

Goldtargeting Oculus
Goldtargeting Oculus - by DominiumHex

Counterfeit Irish Beard
Counterfeit Irish Beard - by gkku

Fancy Leprechaun Hat

Fancy Leprechaun Hat - by firefeind1

Patrick The Lucky
Patrick The Lucky - by Hammer124

Lucky Clover Cap
Lucky Clover Cap - by firefeind1

Classy Leprechaun
Classy Leprechaun - by TheEasterZombie 

Knight of the Irish
Knight of the Irish - by david3435

Clover Crown [Tarabyte Took]
Clover Crown - by Sonicfan0405

Thank you to everybody who sent their wonderful entries in, all of them were of good standard and I'm hoping to see more of your creative work! The contest ends at 12:00 AM GMT, so if you still want to enter; do it quick!

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