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Friday, March 16, 2012

Shamrockin' Retextures Contest Winner!

St.Patrick's day is tomorrow, and Brighteyes has taken a load of retextures to publish throughout the day! There were dozens of great entries and even making it to our featured entries post deserves a round of applause. However, there can only be two winners!

Yes, Brighteyes viewed the best entries and chose to take two of them. These users have received R$500 Robux from Brighteyes as a reward for their soon to be published retextures.

So without further or do, the winners are:
Classy Leprechaun

Classy Leprechaun - By TheEasterZombie

Personally, I really liked this entry, as it is both simple but visually elegant. With it's dark shade of green, suiting buckle and contrasting orange flower it hosts a multitude of colours which blend extremely well together!

Goldtargeting Oculus

Goldtargeting Oculus - By DominiumHex

I also was very fond of this entry; it is different to the kind of hats users usually retexture and has a sense of originality that some retextures do not. The neon green colour scheme suits the texture well and the added shamrock, pot of gold and text really complete the retexture.

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