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Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Life and Times of an Easter Zombie

I am one of the thousands of Easter Zombies born into ROBLOX via the Radioactive Egg of Undead Apocalypse. All you heard was the glamorous side, the view of the Easter Zombies in the ROBLOX 2010 Egg Hunt. I will tell you my story from then; although when I say that this is my story, this is the story of every Easter Zombie just like myself.

Easter time in 2010. Our inception into ROBLOX. I'm not really sure how or why it happened. All I remember is the impact. The life-giving impact. Once we touched down, we were freed from our confinement. We wandered, happy to be alive. If we were alive. We had no knowledge of this new world, we had no idea where we were, what our goals were. We attempted to interact with the locals. They were displeased to see us. We had not yet learned the ROBLOXian greetings of handshakes-- we found feasting on their faces was less appropriate a greeting as time went by.

Suddenly, it was the day of reckoning for our people. I can only describe it as a consuming darkness. They took our home. They consumed the egg. They picked it up and put it in their baskets. Suddenly we grew weak, and what was once a strong, able body became little more than dust on the wind. We were awaiting our rebirth. We were in another dimension, awaiting our return to this strange land. This land of ROBLOX...

In this other dimension... I visualized things I could never have before. My senses became amplified, and I could visualize things as though they existed. I imagined an egg created by bees. I had no idea what a bee was, but I knew that it was a creature just like me. It worked in groups like we did. This dimension told me... Hive-mind. We were hive-minded creatures.

I was reborn again in time. The eggs landed. We stumbled back into the ROBLOX Universe. But something golden caught my eye. I picked it up. This was my dream. My creation. And then one of the natives sliced me in half. Killed the mood really. Although I was planning to eat my creation's face, had it one.

And then we faded again. Unlike the first fade, we knew deep in our hearts that this was our end. We remain in the in-between. Not home. Not the world of ROBLOX. We lie in wait, creating things, learning things. I once learned of the leprechauns of Ireland; small, mythical beings. But the truth about this in-between is that there is no escape.

We, the Easter Zombies, await our second coming. The day where we may return to the ROBLOX universe. The day where we walk amongst the natives in harmony. In peace. Without pain, without hardship, without judgement. We don't know when this day shall come, two days? Two weeks? Two years..? Only time will tell.

We shall rise again.