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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Interview with CONTESTFREEK!

Today I caught up with CONTESTFREEK, an avid forumer!


1) When did you join ROBLOX? What was the first game you played?

December 20th 2009. It was something like Avatar Tycoon.

2) If this place still exists would you visit it now? Why?

Yes. Because that's where I came to understand how games work, I will never forget how friendly people were to me.

3) What were your first impressions of the site?

A unique lego-type site.

4) What was the first item you ever bought?

The 2009 visor.

5) How often do you forum? Which forum do you usually visit?

Used to forum a lot, not as much now but plan on returning. I visit RT.

6) If you were to decide a forum update, what would it be?

Bring the C&G forum selection a bit higher, so that other forums selections like RT wont be flooded with annoying war/clan guides, rules and ways to get "promotions".

7) What is your favourite gear item in the catalog?

Probably Ghostwalker. Why? I like the idea of bloxxing an opponent and then getting super natural-type powers.

8) When browsing the games page, what do you look for?

A unique, fun game to play.

9) What is your favourite kind of soda?

Dr. Pepper

10) Wedges or fries?