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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hat Review: Paper Hat

So, today I decided to have a look at the "Paper Hat", an old favourite hat of many, and this is how the review went.

Basic Stats:

-Created 5/5/2009
-Favorited 7,386 times
-Total Sold 23,125
Genre: Adventure
-Description "Set sail to the Lands of Imagination!"

The mesh of the hat is very well done for an old hat, it
fits perfectly onto many other hats if you want to combo
it with another hat.

I thought the texture for it was very well done, if features
a number of words on it which you would probably have to
look at the texture in flat view to make them out. I love the
classic Newspaper theme of it, because it's what many of us
are familiar with when it comes to making hats in real life

This hat is so creative and original, and when you wear it you
can pretend to be a pirate, an explorer, and so much more, the
possibilities are endless with this hat, because it pretty much suits
any type of avatar you wish to come up with

It doesn't get much better than this, at only 30 ROBUX it's a definite
steal. Many users with low income could probably afford this, very
affordable for such an amazing hat.

I highly recommend buying this hat, it's fitting, affordable, and just looks
great overall, so nab one today!

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