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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Crimsonwrath, Duke of Danger Hat Review

A cool new limited hat that came out last week is the Crimsonwrath, Duke of Danger. It is based upon previous Crimsonwrath hats in the catalog. It was originally R$1,000 and there are only 150 copies of this, making the Crimsonwrath, Duke of Danger a rare hat.
Crimsonwrath, Duke of Danger

Mesh: 8/10

The mesh is supposed to look like a war helm, which it really does look like. There is the part where your head goes and two horns. In my opinion this hat looks very similar to other helms in the catalog. It's a great mesh but it's too similar to some other hats.

Texture: 10/10

This hat is made up of three colors: black, read, and a metal-like white. The red blends in with the black and is just outstanding. The white/grey metal is also well done and looks great on the mesh. This hat is a true work of art.

Style: 9/10

This Crimsonwrath hat is smaller compared to other Crimsonwrath hats such as Crimsonwrath, Lord of Entropy. However, there are a lot of hat combinations that work well with this hat and the Crimsonwrath, Duke of Danger is a great hat for those who like to collect hats. Don't buy this hat for profit because you can't make much profit off of this hat.

Overall: 9/10

Mesh looks great
Texture is outstanding
Looks great combined with other hats
Great for hat collectors

Mesh is similar to other war helms in the catalog
Small compared to other Crimsonwrath hats
Not making much profit

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