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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Crimson Catseye Tophat Hat Review

Here's the review of the Crimson Catseye Tophat!

Crimson Catseye Tophat

Mesh: The mesh of this hat is more of a Bowler Hat than a Tophat. The spikes coming out of the front look deadly and sharp, which is probably the intended effect. It is a retextured hat as well, so this is not the first time this mesh has been used - I think it's been used about twice before. Still pretty nice. 8/10.

Texture: It may look good from a distance, but if you look up close, it's actually very pixelated. The eye on the front is actually part of the texture from the hat "The Crimson Catseye", hence the name "Crimson Catseye Tophat". The use of the eye is good, but everything being so pixelated - ugh. 3/10.

Value For Money: This hat is a Limited U, and it was originally 650 Robux and it had 650 in stock (Lol that matches). 650 Robux for a pixelated "Tophat"? Seems kind of overpriced. Maybe 400 or 500 Robux? Right now it's selling for about 1300 - 1500 Robux at the least. Buy it if you want, I know I won't be. 6/10.

Ease Of Retexturing: This hat seems easy, but hard to retexture. Here's the link to the texture: On a scale of 1-10, 1 being hard and 10 being easy, it seems to be a 7, maybe 6. 6.5/10.

Overall: Overall, this hat seems deadly, sharp and creepy, (which is probably intended) but way too pixelated. I give it an overall 6.2/10. Which is also known as 620/1000. See, I'm fun and educational!


  1. lol *hates on hat*

    Yea nothing was really done to it, I agree with the texture part. But it does look cool, despite just being a regular blurry image with one thing pasted on it. I do not think many people in the roblox community realize that alot of retextures really have not been changed a whole lot and did not take alot of effort...that is the sad thing, because if you make something hard to make and really cool, but the people do not like it, you basically failed.

  2. I agree with Error, except I kinda think Bill is a little to hard on catalog items sometimes..


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