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Monday, March 26, 2012

Caution!; ROBLOX Comments

Hello everyone! TheEasterZombie here, and in my first post on Roblox News I'll be taking a glance into the shadowy underworld of offsite links in comments.

The comments are a place where people can share their opinions on places, items and hats, right? Well, it was, a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. ROBLOX commentry is filled with place advertising, phishing and plain ridiculous offsite links. All in the day of a comment stream.

Today I'm going to be looking at three offsite links I have seen in the past week in the comments page of some popular ROBLOX hats. But always excersize extreme caution when clicking an offsite link (unless you're absolutely crazy like me, and are willing to sacrifice your computer, your ROBLOX account and your soul to Korean gangsters. Who play ROBLOX. There are many).

3; Mediafire Links (A.K.A. Not even being subtle about it)

Mediafire links, I hear you say? Why would anyone click, even less, download these things? People do. Although anyone above the age of 10 should know that downloading things of questionable origin is a no-no. Here's an example I plucked from a comments page;

And there are a million reasons why you shouldn't click something like this. However I want to get this post done sometime this millenium, so here's reason #1; Do you like having a computer?

2; (A.K.A. Looking professional and fooling the masses) was perhaps the most sophisticated phishing ROBLOX site ever invented. Promising 10,000 R$ to anyone who spams thier link 10 times, and giving a real-time counter of users who qualified for this, the website really looked and felt legitimate.

They even listed off thier server providers and website information-- luring people even further into a sense of security. I tested this out with an alternate account. Without posting any spam, I entered my account name and password-- And then the page told me this account didn't have Builder's Club. Clever, clever.

The next day, I checked my alternate account; lo and behold, someone had logged on. But they didn't change my password, or even steal my money, they just bought the Mildly Disturbing mask and moved on. Some very nice phishers let the sprats back into the waters.

Overall over 500 accounts were compromised by this website-- until the ROBLOX admins got it shut down. And the user came back; is live and collecting more and more accounts. You're very welcome to take a look around the site-- just don't pop your password in or start spamming. You get nothing for it.

1; (A.K.A. not even ROBLOX related,  but hilarious for it) That is all.

Generally, you should avoid clicking anything in the comments that links offsite and you should probably be pretty cautious of anything on-site too. Believe me; A Roblox Browser which I forget the name of ended up killing my computer. Stabbed right through the system32. So in short, a list of what to click and what not to click on ROBLOX comments. Remember, it's a jungle out there.

What to click;

ROBLOX Links (generally)

What not to click;

Anything else