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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bargain of the week: Celtic Warrior!

As it it St.Patrick's day, ROBLOX has been releasing several user made retextured hats to the catalog. There are all sorts of retextures, but one caught my eye in particular: the Celtic Warrior!

The Celtic Warrior features a great colour scheme, with a blend of light green and light brown. This hat goes fittingly with the bright shamrock badge in the middle of the helmet. This hat also has a brilliant mesh, with realistic looking horns and a great design to the face pieces and curved rims.

This hat will go well with any St.Patrick's day themed shirts and pants as well as medieval and fantasy themed items. It could also fit with other fantasy helms, creating some awesome combinations. You could perhaps make your character a wood elf, or even an irish eco-warrior!

So, for a price of just R$150 - much lower than the original; you receive a well retextured helmet with a detailed mesh and a cool texture.