Monday, February 20, 2012

Two New Graphic Designers!

After much thought and deliberation, I have come to the decision of who will fill in this role. As the top two designers are equally talented, I have to select both!

Our first new graphic designer is boygrump: a legendary ROBLOX advertisement maker, who sells his work for a small amount of Robux. I was very impressed at his skills, examples and of course; his reputation. He is well known in the ROBLOX community, for good reason.


An example of boygrump's work is this banner he made for our ROBLOX on iPad post.

Our second new graphic designer is ccoommppuutt: a friendly ROBLOXian who happens to excel in his work.


His example banner included in his resume impressed me so much that I had to use it on the Red Sparkle Time Fedora post!

Both of these users will now be regularly producing banners for our slider and possibly other graphics for the site!

Editor of Roblox News


  1. Thanks, and I think this is my favorite post on the site so far :P

  2. I love the new Designers! They really seem well trained.

  3. Day 1 and already positive feed back. This site has a nice fan base. I look forward to seeing more of what people think so as to improve on what I do.

  4. I like those examples especially the chilling red in the background of the Red Sparkle Time Fedora.


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