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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Terrain Building Contest 2012: Update!

Time for an update on the TBC2012! So, I decided to C&P the old post and place it here with some changes.

1.) Users are limited to 2 entries ONLY, no further exceptions.
2.) Anyone is allowed to enter, this includes RN Staff.
3.) The place MUST be playable by EVERYONE, this means that the place can't be BC, Friends, PBS, or anything else, it MUST BE PUBLIC!
4.) The place MUST be completed.
5.) Free Models are acceptable.
6.) Lag isn't desirable, so try to exclude most of it.

1st: 500 ROBUX
2nd: 250 ROBUX
3rd: 100 ROBUX
4th: Mystery Prize
Fan Choice Award: 100 ROBUX

Voting and Judging very soon. Date is TBA. A little note: Robux will not be awarded if 5 or less people enter, so ENTER!

Step 1.) Make your entry!
Step 2.) Email your entry to
Step 3.) Clarify that IF you win you'll contact us ASAP.
Step 4.) Wait to be judged.

Entries will no longer be accepted after 2/26/12.

1.) Link to your entry.
2.) Agreement to contact one of the judges if you win.
3.) Your username.
4.) A reason why we should pick it.

Yes, they are possible. If some rules are broken or some instructions aren't followed, you could face disqualification. Unfortunately, there are some people who have failed to follow rules or instructions and nearly faced disqualification. I will not state their name, I want to protect their identity. So, please read everything carefully and don't RUSH!

Thanks for your time, I hope to see you all next time.