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Monday, February 13, 2012

ROBLOX Base Wars FPS Review

Recently ROBLOX has been making a lot of ROBLOX FPS games. They've been using the new terrain generating feature and have created incredible battlefields. ROBLOX Base Wars is one of their newest ones and it has a few differences.
Gameplay 10/10
The gameplay in this place is about the same as the others. The goal is to capture the control points for your team and hold them. The different thing about this place is that you can change your class. When you change your class you get different HP, Speed, and weapons.
There are five classes, Trooper, Assault, and Brute, Support, and Sniper. The trooper is armed with a shotgun and a sword. They're extremely balanced and aren't especially good at speed or health. The assault class is extremely fast. He is armed with a machine gun but he doesn't have very much health. The Brute is armed with a rocket launcher. He has a lot of health but isn't very fast. The support team has an automender which is used to heal teammates. He is also armed with a machine gun. The sniper has a very well scripted Sniper rifle that can be used to pick off distant enemies with ease.
Effort 10/10
This map is much better than the previous FPS maps. It has a lot more attention to detail. They've also added the class system and a killfeed.
Creativity 8/10
ROBLOX has been adding a lot of FPS maps however this one is very different.
Overall 9/10
  • Add a map so you know where the control points are
  • Make it so you cannot see the enemies' names through walls
  • Add a hidden area with cake.
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Reviewed Place: ROBLOX Base Wars FPS
Reviewed by: Banjobug