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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Red Sparkle Time Fedora!!!

The 3rd Sparkle Time Fedora is out, and in a fitting color for valentines day.
Red Sparkle Time Fedora
This Hat is a Red version of the original hat; The Sparkle Time Fedora, which has been popular since it's release in 2007 at Christmas time. It came out of the Sparkling Gift of Fame which you received for having 1337+ Profile views before the time of release.

Now, due to it's popularity, there have been several descendants, such as: The Purple Sparkle Time Fedora (Released 2011 Halloween), and Now, the Red Sparkle Time Fedora (Released 2012 Valentines)

Take a look at the "SparkleTime"Line below:
There also seems to be a pattern emerging. Where by they are released at specific events. (I.e. Christmas, and Halloween). Who knows when the next one will be released? and more importantly What color will it be? I myself would like a White one. Reason: I'm a Smooooooth Criminal.

Now. While I'm here, I'll review the Red Sparkle Time Fedora.

Mesh: It's the Classic Mesh of the Sparkle Time Series. What more must I say? 10/10

Texture: This is where it slips up, I believe that the Red is to close to it's predecessor; Purple Sparkletime Fedora. But it's still A nice color. 8/10

How well it fits on your character: The positioning and size of this version has been altered slightly (As shown below). When you look closer. You'll notice a large difference. In my opinion, It's too small 6/10
Overall: This hat is okay But there may bee too many things that may put people off of it. Still, It is a nice addition to the series and everyone is anticipating the next one. 8/10.

Question. What color would you want next? (Leave your answer in the Comments Below)

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