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Thursday, February 23, 2012

New ROBLOX homepage?

     This was recently discovered by Nathan78906 on Twitter, follow him. But, he went to the landing page and discovered that there's a new homepage on that site, which means it will happen on the real site someday. So, I took the liberty of checking this out, and it's very true. I also took the liberty of taking a screenshot of this amazing discovery.

     As you can see, there's major changes to the homepage that will be coming soon. You can anticipate this major update to the homepage sooner than we think. So, congratulations to Nathan for discovering this and letting the RN Staff know so a post about the new homepage can be written. NonstopEpic has a feeling that his is a part of the new Age-Up update that was announced a few months ago. I also think this as well. For now, we wait for an update on this update, but we have to wait.

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