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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Monsters vs Robloxians RANT review

Every once in a while you stumble on some totally new front page game. You play it and you realize it looks exactly like the one you played earlier. You then check and you discover that it is the same place only with a changed name and thumbnail. Also, you remember that this game you're playing is absolutely awful.
Gameplay 0/10
There is no gameplay. All you do is get in a cart and move forward in a straight line until you get to the end. Then you jump down a hole and do the same exact thing. You do this 5 times and then you get to the winners spawn where you can just fly around and do absolutely nothing. There's an obstacle course but it's horrendous and is insanely easy to cheat in.
Effort 0/10
I've seen places like this a lot. No effort went into this place. It takes no effort to make a large straight brick with invisible rails on it. This was made in probably 15 minutes.
Creativity 0/10
There is nothing creative about this. It's pointless and it's been used before thousands of times. Using it one more time doesn't make it new and exciting.
Overall 0/10
  • Get rid of the carts
  • Stick with one place name and make your place suit the name and thumbnail
  • Actually put effort into it.
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Place Reviewed: Monsters vs Robloxians

Reviewed by: Banjobug