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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Interview with... Myself!

So today I decided to write up an interview with myself (Rob498) for Roblox News, so you guys can get to know me a little bit more and what I like to do on ROBLOX. So, here we go.


Q 1. When did you first join ROBLOX and on what account?
A 1. I first joined ROBLOX on Rob498, 5th September 2008, after a recommendation from a friend.

Q 2. When did you first start foruming and how many posts do you have?
A 2. I first started foruming lightly at about late 2008 and early 2009, I forumed on the old General Discussion forum (now known as ROBLOX Talk), but then when I first got BC in 2010, I decided to move forum to Let's make a Deal, and have been there ever since. As of now I have amassed 34,937 forum posts along with a Top 50 poster badge, I would have Top 25, but unfortunately all the badges are broken now and you can't obtain them anymore unless you already had one.

Q 3. When did you first join ROBLOX News?
A 3. Ah yes, I remember it clearly, back in late March 2011 (almost 1 year ago). I asked arbirator when there were only a few members of RN if I could apply on Twitter, he said he'd give me a chance and if I made good posts I could join the team, so a few days went by, I had posted numerous posts, and when it came down to it, arbirator said I could stay. I was really happy, and I have been loving it here ever since.

Q 4. When did you first start investing?
A 4. I first started investing when I was a non-bc, it was just a normal day of TC'ing to robux, when all of a sudden I saw 8,000 robux on my page, I was absoloutely astounded, I had about 100 robux and went right up to 8,000, I had come to the conclusion it must have been a typo in the trade currency by someone else. I felt guilty, but nonetheless, delighted. With the 8,000 I started buying small items for when I eventually got BC to sell on for profit. I had only about 1,000 robux left, when I was doing my daily foruming and saw a thread saying "): STAR TAILSLIDE I GOT ONE!". With this, I knew a ): hat had been released. I went straight to ROBLOX's inventory and there it was, the Star Tailslide, there was only about 30 left so I couldn't wait a second, I bought straight away, and I had managed to get #95, so I was really close to missing it. So when I eventually got BC, I used these items to start building up the amount of cash I have today.

Q 5. What was your worst moment on ROBLOX?
A 5. Ooh. I'll never forget this day. So rumours of a new Dominus had been released, and in preperation I had spent the whole week TC'ing from 32,000 robux all the way to 39,100 so I'd hopefully have enough when it came out. So one evening on ROBLOX I was very bored so I decided to watch some youtube videos. But little did I know, that the Dominus Frigidus was selling out while I happily watched videos. So I came back on ROBLOX, and I had a PM from my friend saying "GET THE DOMINUS IF YOU HAVE ENOUGH". My heart was racing, I went to ROBLOX's page, and to my dearest dismay, I had missed the Dominus Frigidus by ONE MINUTE, yes, one minute. I literally started shouting at my computer because I had come so close. I eventually got over it, but one day I hope to get the Dominus Frigidus, and wear it with pride.

Q 6. What are your main goals on ROBLOX?
A 6. My main goals on ROBLOX at the moment is to get 100,000 place visits, at the moment I am at 87,000 which isn't far off, I also hope to save up all the robux I have to get the Ice Crown (and eventually a Dominus), but that's going to take a LOOONG time.

Q 7. What are your main hobbies on ROBLOX and outside of ROBLOX?
A 7. My main hobbies on ROBLOX are investing, foruming, learning to script, making RN news posts, and chatting with friends. Outside of ROBLOX my main hobbies are sleeping, waking up, breathing, talking, and moving.

Q 8. Final questionnn. Pancakes... Or... Waffles..?
A 8. Pancakes forevar.


So I hope this gave you a bit more information about me and what I do, if you have read this massive word wall, I salute you!

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