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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Interview with Meowmixxed.

Today I was lucky enough to catch up with my friend Meowmixxed, former Leader of RAT (ROBLOX Assault Team), and former owner of The Domino Crown. I got to ask him many questions and find out information about his time on ROBLOX and future plans. And this is how we got on.

Q 1. When did you first join ROBLOX and on what Account?
A 1. I first joined ROBLOX on November 16th, 2009 - and on the account, "Benblue8".

Q 2. When did you first start foruming?
A 2. I first started foruming in January of 2009 - on General Discussion (now ROBLOX Talk).

Q 3. What was your first major rank in a ROBLOX Clan?
A 3. My first major rank in a ROBLOX Clan was 'Leader' in UCR.

Q 4. Which is the biggest clan you have ever managed/owned?
A 4. I've owned RAT (ROBLOX Assault Team)

Q 5. What is your current status concerning clans?
A 5. I run the United Powers Clan Alliance, which is the largest alliance of clans on ROBLOX (~360,000+ members). I am also a General in FEAR, General in Sleet Clan and Secretary of State in UCR.

Q 6. When did you first start investing?
A 6. Around November 2010

Q 7. What is the rarest item(s) you have ever owned and how much did you buy it/them for?
A 7. The rarest item I've ever owned is the Domino Crown (which I've owned twice) - and I purchased it for a net amount of 1.6+ million ROBUX (in items)

Q 8. What is the most robux you ever had at once?
A 8. About 900,000 ROBUX

Q 9. What are your plans for your future at ROBLOX?
A 9. To run my clan alliance, and assist with the clans of ROBLOX. I do not intend to continue investing on ROBLOX.

Q 10. Do you have any advice for someone who wants to start investing?
A 10. To never trust a soul on this game when it comes to trading and to be patient with the limited system. The way all limited items prices are inflated now is a shame, but with some patience the system can be beaten.

Q 11. The big question... Pancakes or Waffles?
A 11. Pancakes, obviously. ;3

Big thanks to Meowmixxed for the great answers in the interview!

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