Monday, February 27, 2012

Desert Trooper Hat Review

Haider! Before I start, I would like to welcome two new employees to Roblox News, the epical Graphic Designers Boygrump and Ccoommppuutt! Welcome! So, let's start this review!

Mesh: The mesh looks so-so. It looks like something a Desert Trooper would actually wear, but it just makes the hat look kinda like a Sunhat. But it does go nice with a Desert Trooper outfit, hence the name. 8.3/10.

Texture: The texture is a nice sandy camouflage, with a somewhat even spread of brown, tan, and a lighter tan. It fits the mesh, and it isn't fuzzy in-game or outside of a game. I guess it's decent. 9/10.

Value For Money: This hat is 65 ROBUX, and isn't BC only in any way, so, yes, I think this hat has awesome value for money. I suggest buying it, even though it isn't limited. 10/10.

Overall: This hat has nice value for money, a decent texture, and an okay, but authentic mesh. I give it an overall 8.9/10. Here is a link:



  1. I don't think it looks as good as they could make. I think they just rushed a little cheap hat to keep people happy.

  2. Yup.. Also it looks like a beach hat..

  3. Maybe it's for desert troopers on vacation?

  4. I think they should of more effort in it too. Except it is good for people who don't care about texture or mesh to hats. (newbies)

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