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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ambassador Program: Kill or Keep?

A few hours ago John Shedletsky: Aka Telamon tweeted this:

 First; a little background about the Ambassador Program which was set up April 22nd 2009. The program allows a user to post a generated link which advertised ROBLOX, on a website. For every link they post, they receive 2 Tickets. You could post up to 50 links on 50 different websites and so the users earnings were limited to a maximum of 100 Tix per day - a large amount for a free account.

 Earlier, John asked whether they should kill the programme or keep it. For a long time the Ambassador Program was deemed broken by the community but was finally fixed between 2010-2011. However, there has been many issues with the Ambassador Programme ever since it was first introduced, one of which that it could be abused by users. It's all very well that free accounts could earn so much as they were helping ROBLOX out, but there were loopholes.

 One such loophole was a site called Robamb. Robamb could only be accessed if the ROBLOX user made a RoBamb account. There were fears that it was used as a phishing site and so users were advised by the community to adopt a new password for their Robamb account. Once logged in, the user could generate domains for their links to ROBLOX, thus bypassing the need for a new website per link. This became a very popular service, but ROBLOX administrators were on the case and began blocking these domains from the programme. Robamb's popularity soon started to decrease as it was becoming more and more associated with rule breaking and the program was regularly patched to block the newly generated domains. Although users still  took advantage of the service, it was soon forgotten.

The Ambassador Program is a great way of earning a few extra Tickets and encourages the ROBLOX community to help out the Devs, but is it worth it? It caused users to both spam links and break the rules, but on the other hand it made users feel as if they had a job to do on ROBLOX and earn virtual money for their efforts. What do you think?

Should the program be killed, or do the positives outweigh the negatives and should be kept? Post your thoughts below!

-Editor of Roblox News