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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

ROBLOX: Coming to the iPad!

1 Hour ago, David Baszucki (Builderman) - the CEO of ROBLOX tweeted this:

 This means the ROBLOX developers are hard at work at making ROBLOX games playable on the iPad. This would represent a huge step in technological advancement and success. He also mentioned in a later tweet that the demo ran at 10 Fps. It's one thing making it playable on a different operating system, but on a device that runs iOS - Apple's Mobile Operating System, it is a great leap forward. One year ago, no one would have dreamt that it would be possible for ROBLOX to be played on the iPad, but here we are!

In today's age, technology development is accelerating at a incredible pace; with amazing devices that once appeared in distant Sci-fi movies showing up on shop shelves and being sold in the millions. David does mention that there is no release date, but there is a possibility that it will be shipped this year. So, look out for more info from his twitter @DavidBaszucki or from the other ROBLOX Staff!