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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Community Article: Fashionable Contraption Hat Review

Today I will be reviewing the "Fashionable Contraption" hat.

Mesh: I think the mesh is very well made, with cool-looking tools protruding out of the front. The top hat part is also very well made, because the shape of it actually looks like a real-life tophat. Although, the tools should really look like a hammer, or a mini-axe. 9/10

Texture: The texture looks very bland. The top hat part is just brown, with a tiny bit of detail. And the tools are just silver-grayish, and, again, have very little detail. 3.7/10

How well does it fit on your robloxian?: It kind of just sits on top of your head like a top hat should, but a tiny bit of the top of your head is exposed at the sides. 8.9/10

Hat combo possiblities: If you wear this hat with the Rainbow Shaggy, it appears to look like there is a rainbow band on the top hat. And, if you wear it with a normal Shaggy, it looks like you have hair growing underneath. 5/10

Overall: I give this hat an overall rating of 8.89763425/10. It's got a great mesh, and fits on your ROBLOXian's head nicely.

This Community Article was provided by BillCheesey5. 

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