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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Prison Roleplay Place Review

Yeah, you've seen this thousands of times. One of those really lame places where the prisoners have absolutely no hope of escape and are constantly killed by their guards. Well this place is completely different from those and is also a lot more fun.

Gameplay 10/10
There are 3 basic teams in this place. The prisoners who want to escape from jail, the guards that want to keep the prisoners in jail, and the robbers who want to break prisoners out of jail. The prisoners are able to break out entirely on their own however it is extremely risky. All prisoners get a file which they can use to cut open the bars in their cell. It takes a long time and the guards can easily see what they're doing so you have to be sneaky. The guards are armed with a baton, handcuffs, and a tazer. If you are hit by the tazer then you are unable to move for a short period of time. The handcuffs can be used on robbers to put them in jail. The robbers are able to go through the vents of the prison to pretty much anywhere. They can also escort the prisoners through the vents to safety.

Effort 8/10
There are a lot of different scripts at work here and the building is superbly made but it could use a bit more detail.

Creativity 7/10
I've seen a lot of games like this in the past, however none of them have tried the things this person has tried.
Overall 8.5/10
  • Have a guide for how to use the file, it's amazing how many people don't understand how to use it.
  • Make it so the police must allow prisoners to go to their activities.
  • Have a hot dog machine in each prison cell.
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Reviewed Place: Prison Roleplay
Reviewed by: Banjobug