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Friday, December 30, 2011

New Limited: Venomshank!

Recently, Roblox just made the Venomshank gear. In the beginning of December, BrightEyes hinted on Twitter that this would be released. It's one of the special end of the year items. The Venomshank is one of the swords from Telamon's popular Sword Fights on the Heights IV game. I can guarantee that you will make huge profit off of this gear. Now, here is the review.
Mesh: 9/10
It's the classic sword mesh. This sword mesh is used in a lot of Roblox games, and is well familiar to many Roblox players.
Texture: 9/10
The texture is the classic sword texture edited to look green, like the sword is poisonous. It's pretty impressive, and it goes very well with the mesh.
Ability: 10/10
This is what makes the sword so great. When you hit your target with it, they lose a ton of health and turn green, as if they have been poisoned. With this, you can defeat your enemies easily.
Overall: 10/10

The Venomshank was R$5,000 and it was LimitedU. Only 100 of them were sold, making this gear pretty rare. Now, it's selling for over R$40,000. With this, you can make over R$35,000. If you got this when it was R$5,000, you should sell it when the prices are a little higher, so, sell it when the Venomshank is worth more than R$40,000. Just be careful to sell it at the right time, because you never know if the price of the Venomshank will go up or down. If you didn't buy it for R$5,000, buy it now. The prices will get even higher, so buy it before it becomes more expensive.

All in all, the Venomshank is a great gear and you can make a huge profit off of it. Just be careful about how much you sell it for.