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Monday, December 26, 2011

Isoclism: An RPG for the entire ROBLOX Community!

Isoclism Developers V/1006

'Isoclism is supposed to be a 1100AD estique game focused around exploring and completing quests. The overall game map is massive and is built completely hand made. The game itself is being developed by 8 developers and being created for the entire Roblox Community. We have been rather struggling to gain any sort of publicity, as we are almost complete with the game. Also, we inrich our community with small contests, and polls, and activities, that show off our goals. Also, this game is designed from the ground up, and uses no orbitary code, nor plagerizes any art, retextures...'


Icoclism sounds interesting, a new RPG competing for a spot on the games page! I haven't played a ROBLOX RPG in some time, and ever since mod-Venture went underground, I lost interest in their genre. However, this brings a fresh new game to the table and I am excited to see how it turns out. The game goes into public Beta tomorrow, so make sure you're there to try it out and share your thoughts with us! You can find the place HERE.