Monday, November 14, 2011

Welcome me, Bobby123179!

Hello Roblox News fans! I'm Bobby123179, the newest addition to the Roblox News staff! Let me tell you a little about myself. I have been playing ROBLOX since May 4th, 2008. So I am happy to say, I was around for the Best year in ROBLOX. I have two brothers who also play ROBLOX. Digster and Digy71513. I actively participate in the clans WIJ and STA and soon OPTYX. I also actively participate in the LMaD (Lets make a deal) section of the ROBLOX forum.

I work for TheJKid's blog aswell as Roblox News. I will be reviewing hats, gear and possibly other things if I can. I am in an Honors English class at one of the Best high schools in my state, so I should have no issue writing articles with great grammar and spelling.

If you have any suggestions on new hats or gear that I should review, please message me on ROBLOX. I hope to see you on ROBLOX and posting comments on posts that I make. See you all when I start writing my first posts,



  1. HAHA may 4th thats my bday in rl!!!!

  2. You just dissed RT on LMaD. Explain to me why you've decided to repent that.


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