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Friday, November 25, 2011

Roblox News Scavenger Hunt Winners!

Sorry for the delay guys, but I was somewhere else for my Thanksgiving, which means I did not have internet. So I'm sorry for that. We have some bad news. One of the winners did not have Builders Club. So I went down the list to the person who had the most correct. The first prize of 1,000 tickets goes to RandomCowGoesMooo. Congratulations, make a t-shirt for 1,000 tickets. The second prize of 500 tickets goes to alexkylerock. Congratulations, make a t-shirt for 500 tickets. And for the acknowledgment of the person who didn't have Builders Club, but would of won, NonStopEpic!

1.Canadian Thanksgiving Hat
2.The Gobbler
3.Paper Pilgrim
4.Pilgrim Bonnet
5.Long Braids
6.Brickasaw Headband
7.Tribal Turkey Hunter
8.Construction Paper Turkey Headband
9.Atypical Pilgrim
10.Pumpkin Pi
11.Cooked Thanksgiving Turkey
12.Felt Capotain
13.Opened Gift of Pi Maker's Lament
14.Apple Pie
15.Turkey Leg