Sunday, November 13, 2011

Roblox Game Cards Coming to UK?

Recently, Brighteyes announced on Twitter that ROBLOX Game cards are coming to the UK, Plus she also states that some Sainsburys in the UK already sell them.

This is amazing news for some, this will maybe mean more gear exclusive items, more people in Builders club, and more importantly, More happy players. There have been rumors of a UK exclusive design on front, but this rumor was started up by players, and the rumor is probably fake.

Also on another note, Due to some lurking on site test, I stumbled upon this.
 It turns out there are $40 Dollar Game Cards coming out soon.

Looking at this, it seems that $40 dollar cards will include another unique item every month (The Shaggy is just for the site testing, I can almost guarantee it will not be that Item) and that it will make way for more money towards Roblox, so Telamon can eat.

But we hope to see Game Cards all over the globe, and through the universe.



  1. Im getting one and my firend states she saw one in wakefield, sainsburys

  2. Are there any roblox cards in Blackpool or Blackburn?


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