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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rainbow Shaggy

Delta's back back back back again again again. Hello I Deltaforce96, I'm back.

Today I would like to talk about the Rainbow Shaggy. Yes, I am as shocked as you are. The Rainbow Shaggy! This hat lost in the ROBLOX Black Friday polls but was still published Sunday morning. 50 were sold at a price of 2,500 Robux. Now it currently is selling for 38,000 robux. I personally do not think it will sell for 38,000 Robux. The current average selling price is 29,555 Robux. To make profit off this item I advise you to buy for 20,000 robux or lower. With 50 in stock it should not be hard to make profit but just to be on the safe side set your maximum buying price for 20,000 Robux.

Delta's back back back, Have any questions? Want your favorite limited to be reviewed and judged? Twitter me, @Deltaforce96