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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Place Review: Sharks and Minnows

This game was created by an old writer for ROBLOX News, BCGames! This place, like his name is, BC Only. But, for some reason, there are NBC in this place, weird. This game is based on a game that people play in real life, I used to play this at school when I was in elementary. Also, if you want your place to be reviewed please send me a tweet @Blue_Jay_13.

Sharks and Minnows [ RECODED ]
This picture is very simple, Sharks and Minnows. It's created in ocean styled text, which is really cool! Although, it does need more, maybe an in game picture? This is one of the most boring interesting thumbnails ever.

I enter and see that the round hasn't begun, I had to wait for 144 seconds. In the meantime, I had a conversation with a user. He showed me how to type "ROOT" by typing in "/sc" in. Then, I told him I was doing a review on this place for ROBLOX News, he said "Me too". He then said he was a Moderator, I just ignored him.

The round begins after an interesting conversation. So, you must click on a GUI in order to play, because your settings are set to "Not play", so change it! I got spawned in a map created by another user; cool how BCGames gives credit. So, this map had water and land and a lot of hiding spots. I was a minnow, I had to run from the shark. You get tagged and then your turned into a shark. If you don't get tagged, then you stay a minnow.

Sharks have to run around the map tagging minnows in order to place them on your team. They run around too, trying to escape from you. They hide everywhere, your names are shown, so it's easier. Sometimes, sharks win, minnows win. But, if your a shark, it sure is hard to get the minnows. Sharks don't have much, just chase minnows around and try to win. To win on any team, you must have the most players on your team in order to win.

Scripting: 10/10, so many professional scripts that are used in order to make this game functional.
Tools: 10/10, no tools necessary for this game.
Building: 10/10, he uses other maps made by other players
General Enjoyment: 10/10, enjoyed by many users.
Originality: 10/10, very original, I've never seen something like this.
Creativity:  10/10, same as above.
Deals with Problems: 10/10, no problems.
Deals with Lag: 10/10, no lag.

Overall: 10/10, perfect score! :D