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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Place Review: Bus Driver City v3.4

Bus Driver City v3.4
This game is about public transportation, buses. The picture explains the game, 2 buses and the sign says "Bus Driver City 3.4", which means there are a lot of bus drivers. The background is blue, not so interesting. There is also a Double Decker bus like in England? Not much in this picture, so let's get started with the review. When we enter you can either be a Bus Driver or Passenger, I'm going to be talking about the Passenger part first, then the Bus Driver part. Place created by MasterDaniel.

You spawn as a Passenger in a city which is huge, interesting. Go to a bus stop and wait until a bus arrives. If a bus arrives, you want to get on right? Touch the door and see that you need to buy a Ticket, it costs 30 dollars on the GUI to the left of your screen. If you have enough you can buy that Ticket and get on any bus. When you get off a bus, it removes your ticket because you can't keep it. If you'd like to purchase a bus pass, it's unlimited use and only 130 dollars. One issue when waiting for a bus, it takes so long to arrive. There are directions to what part of the city you are in.

Now, the bus driver role, this part is interesting. You spawn where all the other buses are, you can enter one. There's a map with all of the routes on it, you need to memorize your route. So, get on your bus and drive around the city and follow your route. While you drive, it tells you the route you have to follow. There's someone waiting at your stop? Stop there and pick them up! They need a ticket to board your bus. When they have to get off, they stand up and exit the bus. Keep following your route and your done.

Scripting: 3/10, a little bit of scripts here and there, but not much.
Tools: 10/10, what they are needed for, there are enough.
Building: 5/10, the city is easy to build.
General Enjoyment: 10/10, people enjoy this place very much.
Originality: 10/10, never have I seen a place like this.
Creativity: 10/10, same as above.
Deals with Problems: 0/10, problems are that the bus drivers delay so much.
Deals with Lag: 10/10, no lag.

Overall: 6/10, I don't like this place much, I wouldn't recommend this to many people, but if you don't like my review, visit the place yourself and see if you like it.

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