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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's Finally Here.... The End of the Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt!!!

Wow, I got like twenty submissions. I was hoping to get more, but I didn't. Most of you didn't follow the rules, I got a couple submissions with general answers, I wanted specific answer, But I had fun looking at the submissions! There's some bad news and good news! Don't worry! I have plenty of tickets for the two winners,but the bad news is there was only 3 good submissions. Stay tuned, because on Thanksgiving Eve at 10:00 PM EST the winners will be announced. Best wishes!

P.S. The answers will be announced the same day as the winners.


  1. Mind saying what the correct format was?
    I'm not entirely sure if mine was right.
    I sent an email with the links for the first 5 in chronological order.
    Another thing, were we supposed to answer them all with one email or is it a separate contest for each batch?

  2. It was all one contest, but I just posted batches so people would have a break between after looking for the stuff.

  3. Oh.
    I thought they were all separate and I only sent in the ones for 1-5.
    Thanks for clarifying that.


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