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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Interview with Sean612!

Today I interviewed a well known former named Sean612, he has a total of 18,467 forum posts!


1) When did you start foruming?

I started Foruming in early 2010 on ROBLOX Talk. I didn't know what to do but the community there were nice and showed me what to do. Then when Limited items came out, I moved to Lets Make a Deal where I have had over 11,000 posts. At the minute, I have had over 18,400 posts.

2) What forum do you mainly post to? Is this a different forum to the one you post to now?

As I said, I started in ROBLOX Talk and got over 7,000 posts there. Finally, I wanted to make a bit of money, and a few months after the launch of Limiteds I joined Lets Make a Deal.

3) What is the most enjoyable part about being a forumer?

Being a Forumer is really fun, because you get to meet many other ROBLOX users who use grammar and are usually on the intellectual wave-length as you. Also, on Lets Make a Deal, you get to make lots of money, which is an added bonus.

4) What is your favourite genre of games? Why?

I like RPG's (Role Playing Games) because it can be funny at certain places when there are giant battles going on between druids and elves. But also, I like to dress up and chill with my friends like CommanderT317, Flonk28, Empoleon48 and awsomeawsome.

5) Pancakes or waffles?

Hmm, toughest question out of the lot.
Its gotta' be pancakes.

6) How do you have so many profile views?

I got my profile views because once upon a time, I used to have a group of friends, very close and we always used to message eachother and join eachother's games. Also, I have had many views of profile because of my PM's. I usually get PM's asking me to buy their item, or for them to sell mine to them.

7) Who is your favourite forumer and why?

Well, I have a few, but my favorite has to be iVeyron or Flonk28. I speak to those two alot over Xbox also, and they are both really good at making deals. Lets Make a Deal wouldn't be the same without them two.

8) What was your favourite ROBLOX event or contest?

Event - I liked Halloween 2009, but I think that this years Black Friday (25th of November) will top all the events so far because of the old, cool hats being released.

9) What are your thoughts on the Terrrain Generator?

The terrain generator should be another good update, like every other. Updating the site and making it better can't be a bad thing.

10) What could be added to the Terrain Generator to improve its' functionality?

Maybe more speed loading.