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Monday, November 21, 2011

Interview with BCGames!

Today I interviewed the very well known ROBLOX user named: BCGames.


1) What would you say are you most well known for on ROBLOX?

I would say what I am most known for is simply as being ME. In the forums everyone knows who ZMK and PyroCity are. I started my popularity with the forums.

2) When you joined ROBLOX, what was the first thing you did?

Played this game:

3) What was your first place? Was it any good?

My first place was on my account Molt. It was a super long obby. It got a total of 13K place visits.

4) What advice would you give to a user who wanted be successful in the place making front?

First, take the time to script. Then find someone popular, but make sure they can't script, and script for them. Then make a game, and use the money you earned from scripting for them to advertise it. NOTE: THIS IS NOT LIKELY TO HAPPEN OFTEN!

5) In your opinion, what is the most important aspect of building a place?

The scripts. If you don't have any scripts...well, that's just plain boring.

6) Do you create Guis? If so, what is the most advance Gui you have produced?

Yes I do. I can't remember my most advanced Gui, but I can link you to my favourite of mine. Here:

7) When building/scripting a ROBLOX game, do you work with other builders? Why is this?

No I don't. Mainly because then I have full control over it. I'm a controll BAWZ!

8) What was your most memorable moment on ROBLOX? Why?

Meeting RangeMeludE when I was a n3wb.
Me: Haider Range!
Him: Haider Range!
Me:'s Molt.
Him: No, I'm Molt silly. ;)

We became great friends.

9) Do you think ROBLOX is improving with each update?

Yes, It's improving things for builders.

10) But the most important question of all; do you like fried turkey?

To be honest, I dislike turkey. I always simply have chicken for Thanksgiving. :)