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Friday, October 7, 2011

The Terrain Generator is here.

Today, Roblox went down for maintenance. So, I decided to look around for what the update was.

And soon after looking, I stumbled upon this.
The terrain generator.

Sure enough we were expecting it. But this feature will provide more horizons to building places, and making much bigger maps.

And of course, I tested it out. Here are some of the results I got.
In addition to just creating terrain. You can edit the terrain as well with the tools provided.
(The order of the tools from the left to the right.)
The tool next to the terrain generator is used to place a single terrain block.
The next tool is to delete a single terrain block.
The next tool is used to raise a clump of terrain blocks up to make a peak, or to to bring a peak down lower.
The next tool is used to add flat parts onto other parts. It can also be used to make a pathway up a plateau
The next tool is called the plateau tool. This took is used to create a flat surface on the terrain.
Then there is the crater tool. This (oddly enough) creates craters in the terrain.
The next tool is the orb tool. This creates a ball of terrain, which you can then edit.
Lastly is the Road tool. This can create roads on the terrain.

Though there are faults.
Firstly. There is a limit on how high a peak can go. Once you exceed that, the top goes flat.
Secondly. The tools can break from time to time.
And lastly. It's not that easy to bring down a peak once it's up.

Here is an example of what you can create with the Terrain Generator.

If you create something awesome with the Terrain generator, send the image to me Via Twitter @IBarrageI. And It may be featured on the blog.

Peace out