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Friday, October 28, 2011

Spooky Retextures 2011 Winner: LiLDJX!

LiLDJX has won the Roblox News Halloween Retexture Contest with his entry: 'Masked Hood of Halloween'.

This entry particularly stood out to me as being one the most creative entries that was entered, as well as it having a brilliant design and fitting colours. The hood really brings out the sense of Halloween with the black and yellow colour scheme and the number of bats situated on top; really bringing out that spooky feel!

LiLDJX is an accomplished Retexturer now and I think many budding graphic designers could learn thing or two from his amazing work.

So, as the winner of the contest, he deserves a suiting prize. Earlier on in the contest Brighteyes said she would view any entries that I sent her that particularly stood out to me, I sent her the 8 entries including this one. This is the one she took and has already being uploaded as a texture by ROBLOX.

LiLDJX's prize is having his entry published as a real hat to the Catalog!