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Friday, October 7, 2011

New scripting post!

Hello guys and gals! Welcome to a new scripting post! Follow these steps carefully on how to make a vip door!

1. Open up roblox build, and open roblox studio in the menu.

2.Go to your "object" and find "script".

3. Now open up your explorer with the "+" button.

4. Find "script" and double click it.

5. Copy and paste this script: local user = "Player" -- change this to the name of the person the personal door belongs to
local shirt = "ASSET ID HERE" -- change this to the shirt's asset ID  local door = script.Parent local doorTransparency = door.Transparency   function onTouched(hit)  local character = hit.Parent   if character:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") then   if character.Name:lower() == user:lower() or      character.Shirt.ShirtTemplate == shirt then    door.CanCollide = false    door.Transparency = 0.4     wait(4)  -- The length of time you want the door to be open for     door.CanCollide = true    door.Transparency = doorTransparency    else    character:BreakJoints() -- remove this line if you want a non-killing door   end  end end  door.Touched:connect(onTouched)
6.Now you must edit it, change the I.D. on the script to the shirt you want.

(7. For example the last numbers on the U.l.R., it has to be a t-shirt. You be careful)

8. Now you must drag the script in explorer and drag it to a the brick in explorer to what you want the script to work on.

9. Make the door and put decals or whatever you wish on it.

10. You must wear the shirt and walk through the door.

11. If you followed this correctly, test it out and it should work.

Thanks for reading check me out on twitter (ashlynnchoco)BYE