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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gift Number 12 is Released!

So the Halloween Gift series is slowly coming to an end... But, theres still one more gift that hasn't been released! And that's gift number 13! But, let's get back to gift number 12. First of all, this gift came out extremely late, a lot later than any of the other gifts did. This gift is called the "Surly Gift of Sorcus." Right off the bat, I know this gift is a Gear item. Sorcus is an Admin who works at Roblox to make gears, thats how i know. And this gift is the most expensive of them all so far costing 1.5k Robux. When I first saw the gift, I thought it was a scooter or skateboard, or something to ride on. But Im not sure. Heres a picture of it: