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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Community Article: Become a Cyborg RANT

This game happens to be one of those games that appears on the front page from time to time. When you first start out, you are in this bland, boring room with a ton of machines. Then, you jump on this conveyor belt, and the machines start morphing you into a cyborg. Well, the creator did put some effort into the machines, but problem is that the whole morph process takes too long, and it's boring. Also the fact that some machines are pretty pointless, and do absolutely nothing. Once you are a cyborg, you'll be put into a room that looks like a really fake jungle. Now, compare yourself to the cyborg model used on the front page picture. The cyborg you morph into is just a grey robot with a really lame face. The cyborg on the picture of the game is a real cyborg with a good face. That's the end of the game. You're stuck in that jungle room forever. To make it worse, the morph wears off and turns back to normal close to a minute. So, let's get to the total points.

Gameplay: 3/10- There really isn't anything besides the morphs.
Effort: 4/10- It must have taken a long time to make the morphs, but still, that's it.
Creativity: 2/10- I've seen many games where all you do is morph into something else.
Overall: 3/10

Turn it into a full game
Make better morphs
Have a better room where you can hang out, instead of this "jungle room".
Add some killer rhinos

Place reviewed: http://www.roblox.com//Become-a-cyborg-place?id=52441206

Many thanks to NonstopEpic for providing us with this short, but useful article!


  1. Oh please, this game was made by defaultio back in 2008.
    Two Thousand and Eight
    The place was legend for its time!
    Nobody had ever done anything like it, everyone viewed defaultio like a god!

    This place is a classic, and sadly it's used by a lot of noobs to get rich really fast.
    This place deserves a lot more than just lousy comments on how it sucks, this place was never meant to be playing in 2011!

  2. Yes, but he is simply saying it is not up to today's standards, which is fair enough considering it's just a copied place.

  3. Technically, yellowpig4 (Defaultio's previous account) made it.


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